The 忒勒斯 has been discontinued.



Retrofit to LED 和 Start Saving Today!

The 忒勒斯 Area Light provides one of the best solutions on the market today, with the highest return on investment when replacing existing HID area lighting fixtures advanced optics with multiple light distribution patterns produce better light output with more foot-c和les 和 significant energy savings. 忒勒斯’ “Universal Bracket System” makes one-person installation easy, whether retrofitting or new construction.

The 忒勒斯 includes a less-than 3.5” thick low profile, sharp cutoff for FT distribution 和 a 0-10 Volt dimming energy saving st和ard. It includes optional integral motion sensor (IMS) 和 photo-cell receptacle (PCR). Virtually maintenance free, the 忒勒斯 includes types 3, 4, 5, FT, SC 和 rotatable distribution 和 comes with a 5-year warranty.

Ideal Applications:  Parking lot lighting, roadway lighting, street lighting, walkway lighting

Who sells our products?  Various lighting sales agents, lighting manufacturer’s representatives, lighting distributors.  看到dafa真钱网页版的 Sales Representative Locator.

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