LSI is proud to be the Official 照明 Partner of USA Pickleball, the APP, 和 the IFP!

Our court lights are everywhere you play! 自1980年以来, LSI’s family of sport lights has been illuminating outdoor 和 indoor sport courts, including residential courts, all across the United 状态s. We offer the right lighting solutions to satisfy players, spectators 和 surrounding communities.

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Experience the Difference

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The right lighting
makes all the difference
on a pickleball court.


Game Winning 照明 Solutions

户外 Court 照明

  • Game changer for pickleball court lighting
  • Superior levels of illumination 和 uniformity
  • Industry-leading photometry through our molded silicone optical system
  • Impact resistant
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 75 percent.

照明 Solutions at All Levels

USA Pickleball 和 the American 体育 Builders Association recommend specific lighting illumination levels for the three categories of play 和 a fourth higher level for Tournament venues requiring broadcast quality television lighting. Minimum court sizes are also specified.

LSI’s Technical Design 服务 can create custom lighting designs for single court projects up to 和 including entire resort or sports complexes. 除了, our Create-A-Court design configurator tool has designs for 1, 2 or 4 courts in different sizes that meet requirements for all 3 levels of play. The designs are in PDF file format for easy web viewing, transfer 和 printability.

Create-a-Court Design Selector

Use the Create-A-Court Design Selector to find the appropriate LED lighting design for your specific 体育 照明 needs.


Need Additional 支持?

在大规模集成电路, our Technical Design 服务 team st和s ready to assist you during every stage of your lighting project. For lighting specifiers, our website will give you access to our extensive REVIT 和 IES libraries, as well as ROI calculators 和 tools that will allow you to create the ideal pickleball court design – a tool that virtually no other company in the sports lighting industry provides.

Pickleball Products & 服务 Literature

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户外 体育 Court 照明 Upgrade Guide

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Pickleball Court Conversion Guide

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Pickleball 照明

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